Hooking Up: What Every Twink Should Know

I’ve been using apps for several years to hook up with guys. At my age, I know a few things about the topic. One of them is how annoying twinks can be when when trying to negotiate a hook up. If you’re a twink this is some good information about do’s and don’t that will help you score that online stud.

  • Don’t believe anyone that says they are HIV–. I know many people who lie about their status. An HIV test is only accurate for the moment the blood sample was collected and people can literally not know they’ve been infected.
  • Endless emails back and forth are unnecessary and sends the wrong message – you’re not really serious. It only takes a few back and forth messages to find out when, where and what.
  • Be prepared BEFORE you go online. People are impatient and inconsiderate of you. If you’re not ready to go when they are, they may not take you seriously and may not wait. Be prepared by:
    • Cleaning out and showering before you go online (avoid soaps with fragrances)
    • Keep a little play bag ready to go for when you have to travel. Pack it with lube, condoms, poppers (or other substances), bottled water, a tiny flashlight and hand towel. Customize contents as desired.
  • Certain questions may be appropriate for other twinks but not for older or more experienced guys. Don’t ask, “what are you into” and “how big is your dick.” Asking what you’re into is pointless and immature. What I’m into with one guy is not going to be the same with others. For instance, I might like to rim, but not with everyone. Or, I like to top, but not with big guys. A guy who asks about dick size is not interested in you, he’s interested in a human dildo. He’s most likely going to be self centered, selfish and not worth your time. It’s also just rude.
  • Put enough information in your profile so people don’t have to ask you a dozen questions. Answer the basics:
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Hair color
    • HIV status
    • Sexual interests
    • What position you prefer
    • What you’re boundaries are
    • What you like to do or want to do/try
    • When you’re looking for; right now, next week, later today, etc.
    • If you are immobile and if you cannot host (or if you can). There’s nothing worse than find out at the last moment that the other guy can’t travel
  • Don’t leave valuables laying around and don’t take them with you if you travel
  • If hosting, prepare your play area–clean it up; put out lubes, poppers, water, and have paper or cloth towels available for little messes
  • DO NOT HAVE EXPECTATIONS going into a hookup. You’ll most certainly be disappointed
  • Make sure you look like your profile picture
  • Do not reward liars. If their profile picture is 10 years old and they did not represent themselves accurately, send them home or turn around and walk away. Nothing pisses me off more than a guy who looks nothing like what they have presented themselves to be. I don’t like liars and I don’t like my time being wasted. I’m brutal when this happens. I once sent a couple away that traveled over an hour to play with me. They used someone else’s photos and I bet they thought I’d go through with the hookup because of time and my kind heartedness.
  • Do not ask for gas money–you’ll look like a loser
  • Resist the temptation to provide transportation—imagine what the trip back would be like if the hookup went really bad. I made this mistake and the 15 minute ride taking him to his hotel was miserable as he was high on Meth.



Welcome to my Blog!

I’ve been developing and administering social networking sites centered around fisting and toy play for many years. They were successful but became too large and expensive to run. They also became quite technical. After several years I just didn’t enjoy running them anymore and decided to close my last site, ButtSwap.com, in May of 2018.

I missed it though and wanted to make a comeback, but wondered in what way. How could I keep expenses down, keep the site super simple, continue to share my experience and still have fun while building a smaller, more intimate community.

My solution is this Blog.