Cleaning out is a topic I hear about all of the time. Guys always want to know how I clean out and ask if I can offer any suggestions. I can, but cleaning out is different for everybody. In this topic I’m going to share with you my ideas and what I do and maybe by sharing you might find something useful.

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When it comes to cleaning out a lot of things come into play such as your anatomy, your pre-play diet, how deep you intend to get fisted, how long do you think you’re going to play, how long will it be from the time you clean out to the time the first guy gets is hand in you and will there be any touch up facilities when you arrive at your destination if you’re traveling out.

Diet plays a key role in cleaning out. If you don’t eat a lot, there isn’t a lot to clean out. Light foods such as fish and chicken and foods high in fiber are easy to move through your system and flush out comparatively easy, but you may be cleaning out all night if you eat a lot, so be careful you don’t go totally vegetarian 24-48 hours beforehand. My pre-play meals will usually consist of chicken, pork or beef; rice, pasta or sweet potatoes; and dense vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower or carrots. That usually keeps things together and makes the cleaning a bit easier. I keep the meat portions on the smaller side.

I like to play deep which requires going up further and cleaning out a bit more. I use a shower diverter; a hose attached to the shower for those of you that don’t know what that is. I have 3-4 different nozzles that I use. I am very careful with water pressure as it can rupture the delicate linings within your gastrointestinal tract. I use warm water. Cold water might be better but I hate cold water. I hold the nozzle upright pointing to the ceiling. I turn the water on until the water coming out of the nozzle is about the height of the width of my palm, usually 6-8 inches.

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I like to play in San Francisco a lot so I have to make sure I’m really, really clean for that long gap. It’s an hour and a half drive from Sacramento. I start out with a light cleaning mid-afternoon and a thorough cleaning before leaving. I take a nozzle with me in case I need to touch up because a lot of fister’s have accommodations to do that.

When I clean out I use no solutions, just water. I rinse and rinse until no more solids are coming out. Now for the bizarre part—I have a tub/shower setup that allows me to get into an incline position where my head can be lower than my ass. I place my feet on the top edge of the tub at one end and place my hands on the bottom of the tub at the other end so that my ass is literally sticking way up in the air; in other words I do a handstand in the shower with a tube in my butt.  This position allows water to flow deeper into my GI tract. When I fill full, I stand up, take out the nozzle and release. I do this several times. Sometimes I get it to the point where the water runs clear, but usually not.

Getting clear water is hardly possible no matter how many times I repeat the process. And it may not be all that safe. I don’t know—I’m not a physician. As long as I’m not getting any solids, I’m OK with that. Generally, when I arrive at my destination, I’ll do a quick touch-up before playing just to make sure I’m still clean. One of those drug store enema bulbs you can squeeze is convenient for this…or you can use a saline solution enema kit like Fleet. Nine out of ten times, I’m still clean and ready to play.

Sometimes after cleaning I’ll use an anti-diarrhea tablet to firm things up, but I don’t like to do that because of the side effects which are minor, but annoying. However, I always take 2-3 Ibuprofen after cleaning out to help calm any inflammation from my rigorous cleaning routine. This is what works for me. I’m physically capable for performing the gymnastics in my shower/tub to clean out that way. You may not be as fortunate, but the point is to try to lower the level of your guts so water wants to flow down into them so it can flush them out. The use of ibuprofen helps bring swelling and inflammation down. I have a prescription for 800 MG so that’s how much I use. You should consult a physician as this could be very hazardous with some medical conditions or in combination with other drugs. I’m regularly seeing a physician so he knows how much I take, how often and for what…mainly inflammation of my wrist due to repetitive motion.

There are actually a few websites out on the web that offer different cleaning techniques. You might want to check them out and see what they have to say. Here are a couple I know of:

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