Cleaning Out your Bum

Cleaning out is a topic I hear about all of the time. Guys always want to know how I clean out and ask if I can offer any suggestions. I can, but cleaning out is different for everybody. In this topic I’m going to share with you my ideas and what I do and maybe by sharing you might find something useful.

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When it comes to cleaning out a lot of things come into play such as your anatomy, your pre-play diet, how deep you intend to get fisted, how long do you think you’re going to play, how long will it be from the time you clean out to the time the first guy gets is hand in you and will there be any touch up facilities when you arrive at your destination if you’re traveling out.

Diet plays a key role in cleaning out. If you don’t eat a lot, there isn’t a lot to clean out. Light foods such as fish and chicken and foods high in fiber are easy to move through your system and flush out comparatively easy, but you may be cleaning out all night if you eat a lot, so be careful you don’t go totally vegetarian 24-48 hours beforehand. My pre-play meals will usually consist of chicken, pork or beef; rice, pasta or sweet potatoes; and dense vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower or carrots. That usually keeps things together and makes the cleaning a bit easier. I keep the meat portions on the smaller side.

I like to play deep which requires going up further and cleaning out a bit more. I use a shower diverter; a hose attached to the shower for those of you that don’t know what that is. I have 3-4 different nozzles that I use. I am very careful with water pressure as it can rupture the delicate linings within your gastrointestinal tract. I use warm water. Cold water might be better but I hate cold water. I hold the nozzle upright pointing to the ceiling. I turn the water on until the water coming out of the nozzle is about the height of the width of my palm, usually 6-8 inches.

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I like to play in San Francisco a lot so I have to make sure I’m really, really clean for that long gap. It’s an hour and a half drive from Sacramento. I start out with a light cleaning mid-afternoon and a thorough cleaning before leaving. I take a nozzle with me in case I need to touch up because a lot of fister’s have accommodations to do that.

When I clean out I use no solutions, just water. I rinse and rinse until no more solids are coming out. Now for the bizarre part—I have a tub/shower setup that allows me to get into an incline position where my head can be lower than my ass. I place my feet on the top edge of the tub at one end and place my hands on the bottom of the tub at the other end so that my ass is literally sticking way up in the air; in other words I do a handstand in the shower with a tube in my butt.  This position allows water to flow deeper into my GI tract. When I fill full, I stand up, take out the nozzle and release. I do this several times. Sometimes I get it to the point where the water runs clear, but usually not.

Getting clear water is hardly possible no matter how many times I repeat the process. And it may not be all that safe. I don’t know—I’m not a physician. As long as I’m not getting any solids, I’m OK with that. Generally, when I arrive at my destination, I’ll do a quick touch-up before playing just to make sure I’m still clean. One of those drug store enema bulbs you can squeeze is convenient for this…or you can use a saline solution enema kit like Fleet. Nine out of ten times, I’m still clean and ready to play.

Sometimes after cleaning I’ll use an anti-diarrhea tablet to firm things up, but I don’t like to do that because of the side effects which are minor, but annoying. However, I always take 2-3 Ibuprofen after cleaning out to help calm any inflammation from my rigorous cleaning routine. This is what works for me. I’m physically capable for performing the gymnastics in my shower/tub to clean out that way. You may not be as fortunate, but the point is to try to lower the level of your guts so water wants to flow down into them so it can flush them out. The use of ibuprofen helps bring swelling and inflammation down. I have a prescription for 800 MG so that’s how much I use. You should consult a physician as this could be very hazardous with some medical conditions or in combination with other drugs. I’m regularly seeing a physician so he knows how much I take, how often and for what…mainly inflammation of my wrist due to repetitive motion.

There are actually a few websites out on the web that offer different cleaning techniques. You might want to check them out and see what they have to say. Here are a couple I know of:

How to Clean Your Ass Website

How to Clean your Butthole Video (YouTube)

Get Started in Fisting

If you’re really interested in fisting and want those incredible sensations but you’re afraid it might hurt, all I can say is get over it. It doesn’t have to hurt and if it does it’s because you’re doing something wrong.

Getting started is rarely as easy as asking someone to stretch your hole and fist you. Most people I know of work weeks, months and sometimes years at stretching their hole so it will open wide and deep enough to take a fist. It’s all relevant though; how wide you can open up, how relaxed you can get, how experienced your top is (or isn’t), how big your top’s hands and wrists are, etc.

There are two aspects to work, depth and width. Which you start with is a personal preference, but since I like the awesome sensations of someone going deep in me, I started with depth. Here’s how I did it…

I started with a long thin toy that was about 2″ in diameter and about 12″ long. I once sat on a dick that long and was surprised as hell that I could take it, so I thought I could take this toy all the way but became frustrated when I couldn’t. I stuck it in and it went about 6-7 inches in and then stopped. It hurt when I tried to push further. Pain is your body’s way of saying stop, so I did. In the gastrointestinal tract this is an important message because anything that hurts can put you in the hospital and perhaps kill you. So, when I felt it hurting I stopped and wondered why I couldn’t take this toy when I once was able to take a cock that big. Some anatomical research revealed m0st people’s rectum goes straight in for a few inches and then make some turns like an “S” shape. I also learned that while most people are very similar, some anatomies differ. The “S” shape curve may be nonexistent for some, while exaggerated for others.

Lower Gastrointestinal Anatomy

Taking my new information back to the playroom, I put my toy in my hole and this time tried moving it around pointing it forward, backward, side to side, etc. I found that if I pointed it backward towards my spine I could get it in deeper, but then it would stop and become painful again. In my research I learned the “S” curve was a series of muscles that behaved like valves or sphincters; that they could and would open up, but had to be trained and coaxed to let me past them. I added some baking grease to my hole to lubricate my path. Crisco worked well for this and soon understood why it’s the fister’s preferred lube. I reinserted the dildo and took it to where I started to hurt the last time. Being very patient I slowly pushed. As long as it didn’t hurt I continued to apply pressure. It was very slow going, but as I did so I felt some give. Eventually this became tender so I stopped. To be sure I was going the right way I pushed my toy in different directions and found doing so was resistant and a lot more sensitive and painful. I stopped playing with my toy that evening and waited until the next day and tried again. I repeated this 3 or 4 nights and I was able to finally get through. Many guys refer to this as your second hole. The feeling was awesome and I wanted more. I would continue to play with it for some time.

As I played with my hole I discovered it didn’t always want to cooperate. Some nights it just wouldn’t open for me. Other nights it was wide open as a hallway door. After a while I realized that it seemed to be temperamental after a lot of play. I figured it was mad at me, irritated, so I’d leave it alone for a while.

It was a sensitive area and I always treated it with respect. Whenever I felt pain, I would back off. If the pain was persistent, I’d call it a night and wait longer for it to heal. After a few weeks my second hole had become accustomed to the prodding and began letting me through with greater ease. Once I was able to get through comfortably with ease I started probing deeper and deeper and wondered just how far I could go. I bought a longer toy and one that was slightly fatter. The journey was amazing; the sensations none that I’d ever experienced. I kept going and to my amazement I took 13 inches of it before hitting another tender spot. From what tops have described to me it’s like another sphincter, a tight band of some sort and is very small. Without X-rays I can’t tell you where it is exactly. It seems very high up and I first thought it was the curve bending over the traverse colon, but I played with a physician a few times and he’s told me I’m not even close. He says it’s the curve going into the sigmoid colon. I questioned him on that because I had him half way to the elbow. He said the rectum can stretch a long way and with a lot of play that it can be stretched a lot.

Since then I have tried to get through that ring and recently guys are able to get through but only to be challenged by a curve that wants to point downward…in the wrong direction. I’ve been working on straightening it out and opening it a bit with some long, thin flexible toys called colon snakes. They look pretty much as the name implies. I’m making progress, but it is very slow and deliberate. I’m very cautious and I don’t push anything. So far though, I’ve been able to get some pretty decent depth. My goal is to be able to take most men to mid-bicep. I’m getting close. I can now take the average size guy to the tip of their elbow.

I don’t know where I’d be without toys. I live in a large metro area, but it’s difficult to find someone to work with on a frequent and regular basis. With toys, I can work my hole as long and as often as I want. When I started out I played 4-5 times a week until I could take an arm to mid wrist. Now days, because I put so much time into my websites I only play 2-3 times a week working on straightening out my curve into the Sigmoid Colon. When guys ask me if I’ll working on stretching their hole so they can fist I tell them I won’t until they can take a toy about 3 inches across. I often get push-back; the common complaint being they don’t like to play with toys. Well, I didn’t either until I found a way to make toy play safe, fun and easy. In one of my future articles, I’ll go into the different materials toys are made of and which ones to stay away from. Subsequent articles will tell you how to make toy play enjoyable, how to use toys to stretch your hole and clean up and care of your toys.

The GastroIntestinal Tract | Complete Anatomy

How I got into Fisting

People laugh when I tell them I got into fisting by accident, but it’s true. I never set out saying, “Hey, I want to get fisted!” In fact, the only images I had in my head about fisting were the ones I remembered from browsing the Web; extreme, unsafe and masochistic. I often wondered why anyone would do that and how they could do it.

I got my start from watching porn and jerking off with a butt plug up my ass. I found the stimulation of my butt and prostate exhilarating. My climaxes were more intense. One night I wanted something bigger than my usual toy and couldn’t find anything else to use. I tried my hand. I could reach around well enough, but I just couldn’t fit my hand up there beyond the knuckle of my thumb…the hardest part for any new fistee. This became a new goal. For several months I experimented with different lubes, approaches, angles, etc. I also worked on stretching my hole wider. Eventually I managed to get one hand in and then the other (not at the same time). It felt really good, but I could only go so deep and the pleasure I felt was offset by the contortions I made to get my hand in my butt. I thought this would be a lot more fun if someone else could do it for me and then it clicked…this was fisting. As soon as I got my head away from a personal masturbation thing and into play with another person I realized it didn’t have to be about torture, humiliation, pain, domination or any of the other impressions I had from watching porn.

I began researching fisting and came across a whole new world I never knew existed. There were fisting websites everywhere; there were user groups, books, and even social events. I joined as many as I could and began my search for a teacher to show me the ropes. It was a tough search. It seemed like no one wanted to work with “newbies.” After a few years of fisting I learned why. Eventually I found an older guy that was willing. He wasn’t a handsome man, but we wouldn’t be making out and getting emotionally intimate or engaged. This was going to be a clinical process.

I worked with this man weekly for about three or four weeks. He had much bigger hands than me, but they were average. I began looking at men’s hands  as I got into this. I remember the pain and hunger my hole felt to take his hand and once he was in I felt a great sense of accomplishment and pleasure. My rectum had never been stretched so much and my first reaction once he made it in me was to tell him to get it out, and get it out NOW!. He wouldn’t. He waited a few seconds and told me to breathe deeply and exhale completely. He encouraged me to stay with it as long as I could. I did and when I finally told him I couldn’t take it anymore, he withdrew in a slow and determined manner so as not to hurt me. True to my piggish nature I immediately wanted him to put it back in! We repeated the process several times over a couple of visits and I was soon able to take his hand with ease and keep it in for a while. At first i could only play like this for maybe 10 minutes at a time. Not before long I was able to play as long as 20 minutes, then 30. I was well on my way to learn and do and take more and more.

Our sessions ended abruptly due to an injury my teacher sustained. I was saddened but determined to carry on. I overcame my fear and the stigma about fisting to the point where I was able to place it as an interest on my profiles I had placed on a few adult sites. But the reactions I got from people were unpleasant to say the least, that is when people responded at all. Then one day things changed…

It was a Sunday morning and I was drinking coffee and browsing the internet. I was on one of the adult sites I had a profile on and the man that responded was attractive and himself into fisting as a fisting top. A MATCH! We exchanged numbers and he called me later that day to see if I wanted to play. I did and he was there in short order. I could tell this man had a lot of experience by the way he spoke to me, communicated his actions and intentions and especially by his patience. He knew the right moves and took enough time to put me in a relaxed state of mind. I hardly noticed his hand slip into me, but immediately felt the extreme sensations and pleasures associated with fisting. I was hungry and wanted more. He worked with me and before I knew it, he was well on his way up past the knuckle on my wrist…the deepest anyone had ever been in me. When we were done he said he was interested in playing again and offered to introduce me to his partner and his friends that were also into fisting and other fetish play. I eagerly accepted his offer.

That was more than 10 years ago. Since then I’ve launched fisting websites, I teach individuals and couples, model when I’m asked, attend every fisting event I can, and produced my own videos.