Twinks seem to be the biggest flakes. People who drink a lot or party are a close second regardless of age. The former I think is simply selfishness, insecurity and a large dose of immaturity. Some people may be flakes and don’t even realize they are one. So, what is a flake? I put together a brief list of behaviors I’ve experienced over the years that hold agreement among other players about what constitutes a flake. Doing these things will rightfully earn you the FLAKE label so don’t do them.

  • The classic, saying you’re on your way but not showing up without even letting the guy know you’ve changed your mind
  • Changing your mind at the last minute
  • Being deceptive and dishonest
  • Not reading his profile before chatting with him
  • Being ignorant about PreP, TasP, or lying about your status
  • Not sharing your cell phone/text number
  • Asking 20 questions like what are you into, how big is your dick, etc.. If you’re serious it should take no more than 5-10 back and forth text messages
  • Don’t go online if you’re not serious about hooking up now. If your app has a status option make sure it’s set to Not Looking if you do go online
  • Setting up or accepting a play date and then canceling at the last moment without an offer to make it up and rescheduling
  • Stringing a guy along and while you look for something better
  • Posting photos older than a year. I know one guy that’s used the same profile pic for more than 10 years
  • Not using your own picture (I hate you!)
  • Failure to disclose in your profile or in your first moments of chat that you cannot host or that you do not have transportation (bus, walking or bicycles don’t count unless they’re reliable and you’re close to him)
  • Not cleaning out or doing any prep (like trimming fingernails) before looking
  • Lying about whether you PNP or have been
  • Showing up with a cold, cold sores, undisclosed injuries,
  • Not bringing your own supplies. If fisting that means bringing your own lube, poppers and if your require gloves, bringing your own

Unfortunately FLAKES don’t wear a label nor do they post their flakey status on their profiles. It’s hard to know when you’ve run across one, but there are tell-tale signs. In my next post I tell you how to spot them.

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