I like cruising and I know a lot of other guys do too. So, I’m posting information from an article I wrote for another Blog a couple of years ago. Feel free to comment if you have updates for me to make.

Sacramento Marina

Location: 2710 Ramp Way, Sacramento, CA 95818

Comments: I haven’t been to this place, but found it listed online. Here’s what the website had to say about it:
Lots of car to car showing, very private, if you’re watching you can see cars coming minutes away.

Crowd: Downtown workers, retired men, students etc.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.564444,-121.518041&z=15&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=11206690413208980065

The Bolt Bar Parking Lot, East Side

Location: The Bolt (Levi and Leather Gay Bar), 2560 Boxwood St., Sacramento, CA  95815

Comments: April 21st, 2016—The back patio of the Bar can see some action now and then. There’s a large yard out back with some trees and dark areas. Some times men head off to those areas and play around.

The men’s restroom is pretty active too. It’s not uncommon to find guys loitering around happy to give you a blowjob. Unless its slow, you probably won’t get to cum because its a small area and high traffic…though at times some people are willing to wait and watch you finish the guy off.

The real action is in the large parking lot on the east side of the building. Its private property so the cops don’t patrol it or come into it unless someone calls. Go after midnight. That’s when the towering lights from neighboring fast food restaurants go out. There are usually enough cars backed in the back area and it’s dark enough that almost anything can happen. I was there one night when a  dude was gangbanged by a small crowd. It really picks up the closer it gets to closing when guys start heading out to their cars. If you’re interested in a hookup, just park at the back of the lot and hang out by your car.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.612218,-121.445957&z=14&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=15518262340027346107

William Land Park

Location: 17th Avenue at Sutterville Road, Sacramento CA

Description: I haven’t cruised here before, but found this mentioned online.

Comments: Cruisy toilet located near Sutterville Road and Land Park Drive, where 16th Avenue and 17th Avenue meet. Not a bad setup. The mirror on the wall allows a guy sitting on the can to see and be seen by the guy standing at first urinal. So, a tempting display can be made “discreetly.” Just don’t go when the amusement park is open or at least take it elsewhere. The other end of park has a little used can with a door.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.538028,-121.50155&z=16&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=16th%20Ave%20%26%2017th%20Ave%20Sacramento%2C%20CA%2095822

Paradise Beach along the American River

Location: 5415 Sandburg Drive, Sacramento, CA 95819

Description: Cruisy park, Cruisy beach and nearby woods 

Directions: Near CSUS go to end of Carlson Drive and park in Glenn Hall Park parking lot. Walk up over the levee and follow the trail that goes straight forward (slightly right) out to the river, then go left on the main trail that goes along the river and check out all the secluded little side trails. Please note, trails are seasonal depending on rain and river levels.

Comments: I’ve cruised here but not had any luck. That’s probably due to the times I’ve gone as it is a popular recreation area. Here are some comments I’ve found online:

Posted Aug 11 2014: Good spot for a meet up or simply search the side paths for men cruising. Great weekday afternoons, just be safe and keep your bulges showing.

Date unknown: Great secluded little side trails and tree caves for hooking up. Like any cruisy area, you just never know when other guys will be there but the more of us that go, the more of us will be there. Weekday afternoons seem to be good.

American River Levee

Location: Northrop Ave at Enterprise Drive, Sacramento, CA

Description: This isn’t so much as an area to cruise, but more of an area to go and play especially if you like outdoor sex. There are tons of nooks and crannies in the heavy vegetation to find a place to play. A buddy and I regularly visit this area at night for some primal woodsy fisting. Because it is not a known cruise area, the cops don’t patrol it.

On the downside, there are homeless people that pitch tents and make camps, but they are far fewer than the numbers you’ll find along the levee on 10th Street. Also, I wouldn’t park in the little parking lot nor even real close to the levee as car break-ins are the rule, not the exception. Park on Northrop closer to Howe Ave or Panera bread. The extra walk is worth the peace of mind.

Map: https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.581508,-121.41751&z=16&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=2100%20Northrop%20Ave%20Sacramento%2C%20CA%2095825

North 10th Street

Location: End of North 10th Street where it dead ends at the levee. Off Richards Blvd.

Information from online:

Posted Apr 08 2015—Extremely cruisy here today between about 5 to 7 pm. Guys were leaving as I came in. More guys were pouring in as I left, after sucking three cocks, swallowing two loads, and busting my load down another guy’s throat.

There are all kinds of well worn paths and trails with secluded spots off the American River bike path. The more secluded areas were to the right of North 10th Street as you walk up toward the river, crossing the bike path as you get to the trails. The area to the right was more open, but still has some spots. If you go down to the river beach, the levee cliff provides even more privacy, but I didn’t need to go that far.

There are A LOT of homeless people hanging out in the area, including some tents set up, peacefully co-existing with all the cruising. I don’t think I would go after dark, but there was so much cruising going on that I felt quite safe. Still, exercise great caution if you’re not very experienced with these types of public cruising areas.

There was a lot of trash everywhere, giving further evidence for how busy this area is. Given the undisturbed tents, I would say there’s no police activity right now, but obviously vice could focus on a hot spot like this at any time. Five star site, highly recommended, worth going way out of your way to visit. All types of guys, from late 20s to 50s. 

Posted Mar 12 2014—Hit or miss as any cruising, but this place rarely disappoints! After dusk is best, but all day off and on anywhere. Still a killer place after all these years. I am told it has been cruisy since the Gold Rush days.


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