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  • Mr Hankey’s Seahorse – Five sizes to choose from

    Mr Hanky’s DescriptionHop on the Seahorse and let him take you to new depths! This toy comes in five popular sizes, the small for the ladies or […]

  • Having a tool to get lube up your ass for fisting or toy play is, in my humble opinion, essential for safe and pleasurable play. Good lubrication reduces friction between skin and toy surfaces with the […]

  • I’m always experimenting. That’s what I do. That’s who I am. I’m also always playing with toys…really big ones.

    Some time ago a man from Germany living locally said he wanted to fist me and laid out his […]

  • Twinks seem to be the biggest flakes. People who drink a lot or party are a close second regardless of age. The former I think is simply selfishness, insecurity and a large dose of immaturity. Some people may […]

  • I was working my ass on the StairMaster last night in anticipation of attending a fisting party in San Francisco. ┬áSan Francisco is about an hour and a half drive from where I live. Once I leave home and […]

  • ´╗┐
    Travis Hollister’s Toy Demo powered by XTube

    I head out to the garage to play with some of my favorite toys including a 42″ (107 cm) colon snake. While my ass devours each toy I provide some helpful a […]

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    Welcome to my Blog!

    I’ve been developing and administering social networking sites centered around fisting and toy play for many years. They were successful but became too large and expensive to run. They […]